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Opening hours:
Starting Oct. 2019 closed!

- Expenses:
Students: 2€/day
Employees: 3€/day
Rental fee: 2€/booking and bike

- Deposit:

What is the bike rental?

Since winter 2013 the bike rental here at the University of Konstanz is open. Now you can rent bycicles for yourself or your friends at the self-help workshop.

Who can rent bikes?

Students, Staff of the University of Konstanz and Erasmus students can rent the bicycles. In order to assure maintenance and the fair distribution of the bicycles, each persons can rent a bike for a limited number of days each semester. It is possible to rent multiple bicycles at a time in order to lend them to your guests.

There are 60 rental days provided for students and staff of the University of Konstanz. For exchange students it's 120 rental days.

Bookings can only be made with an university e-mail address and the corresponding password.


Where and when?

The new bicycles are on E1 (where the bycicle storage room is). We have bicycles in various sizes and you can book them online. 

In the semester break you can rent bikes only during the times specified at the top of this page.

Where does the money for the bike rental come from?

The parking management supports this project with the money that is gained from the parking fees. This way, the parking-fee money helps support an environmental and practical purpose. This allows the students to rent the bicycles for as little as 2 € a day. For the staff, renting a bike costs 3€ per day. Additionally there is a fee of 2€ per booking independent of the length of the rental time.

As the bicycles are new, we have to request a deposit.

Who runs the bike rental?

The Studentische Förderverein an der Uni Konstanz e.V. who run the beer garden during the summer, also run the bike rental. It was not possible for the AStA ( the student council) to administer the bike rental as they are not yet legally competent.

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