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- Opening hours:
All workdays at 12 o'clock by appointment. The bike rental is closed from 22.12.23 until 07.01.24.

- Expenses:
Rental Fee: 2€/day or 35 €/month
Booking Fee fee: 2€/booking and bike

- Deposit:

The bike rental is a service for all students, employees and VEUK members of the University of Konstanz, including Erasmus students. In order to assure maintenance and the fair distribution of the bicycles, each persons can rent a bike for a limited number of days each semester. There are 60 rental days provided for students and staff of the University of Konstanz. For exchange students it's 120 rental days. It is possible to rent multiple bicycles at a time in order to lend them to your guests.

It is mandatory to book a bike beforehand using the contact form here.


Where and when?

You can meet us at 12 o'clock on appointment down in bycicle workshop at E1.


Who runs the bike rental?

The Studentische Förderverein an der Uni Konstanz e.V., which also run the beer garden during the summer, runs the bike rental. The bike rental can financially sustain itself with the renting fees. In the case of temporary high costs (like for purchasing new bikes), the revenues of the beergarden are used to help out.

Like in the beergarden, all organizers are volunteers. If you would like to get involved, just write us an email!

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