The bikes disappear before I can make a selection! What shall I do?

In this case all the bikes are already rented or blocked for bookings in the near future. You can vary the time frame of your desired rental, maybe a bike will be available then.

Which frame size should you pick?

  • Based on experiences it looks like this:
body height Frame Size
up tp 1,55m 45cm
1,55-1,65m 48cm
1,65-1,75m 53cm
1,75-1,85m 57cm
from 1,85m onwards 61cm

How are the bicycles equipped?

  • All bikes have a hub dynamo and a hub gear with 8 gears (it might not be enough to cross the alps but it's great for a tour around the Bodensee). Furthermore the bikes have a stable rack on which you can put a basket or bicycle bags if you plan a longer tour.

For how long can I rent a bike?

  • In order to make sure that the bicycles are distributed fairly, the number of rental days is limited to a number of 60 days per semester. If you are an Erasmus-student you can rent the bikes for 120 days. After 4 weeks there is ALWAYS an obligatory service checkup, so that we can make sure the bikes remain flawless. We will then give you a new bike so we can maintain the other bike. Hereby you are always on the way safely and the bikes stay in shape longer.

Can I rent more than one bike?

  • Yes! You can rent more than one bike, in case you have guests you and want to make a tour around the Bodensee for example. Per bike and day you lose one day of your quota. So you can, for example, rent 2 bikes for 30 days or rent 30 bikes for 2 days.

There are no bikes available during my desired time. What can I do?

  • Sometimes we provide a lot of bikes for special occasions so they are not available for private rental. However, it is possible to book bikes before and after that event.

I want to book I bike but can not select the date!

  •  Booking on the same day is only possible until 1pm because the workshop is closed afterwards.

Do I have to pay if I suddenly don't need the booked bike anymore?

  • No. You can cancel your booking (before the beginning of the rental). Just click on my boookings.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

  • Yes! It is 50€ for members of the University of Konstanz. You pay when you pick up the bike und you get it back when you return the bike on time and in good condition. If you are an EXCHANGE student you can borrow the bike twice as long as the others. You don't have to buy a bike for your time here, though.

When do I have to pay?

  • You pay when you pick up the bike. Don't forget the deposit!

Which documents do I need?

  • You will need your student/member card and your ID or a similar document, like a drivers license.

Can I return the bike earlier?

  • Yes, you can. We cannot give you back the money for the rented days sadly. But you get your deposit back of course!

How about later?

  • Please try to return the bike on time! Otherwise it is not fair for others who rented the bike after you and have to wait for your return. You also have to pay twice the fee for every delayed day!

What happens when nobody's there during the regular hours?

  • We are very sorry, but in rare exceptions, this might happen. We are doing this voluntarily and try to avoid that you have to stand before closed doors. Delayed days due to our absence will not be subtracted from your quota and will not be billed.

Do I have to come back on the following day?

  • No. Please write us an e-mail ( first. We will then figure out an appointment on which you can definitely return your bike.

Can I extend the rental when I already have the bike?

  • Yes, provided that the bike is still available. You will recieve a new bill. Don't forget to come by on your previous day of return!

 What happens if something breaks?

  •  If something breaks, immediately write us an e-mail ( It sometimes happens that something breaks and we will deal with this together.
    When we realize that you broke something on purpose, we will have to block you from booking any bikes in the future!